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Let's talk brand design.

Let’s talk brand design.

If you have made it this far, we obviously need to talk.
You need to work with a professional to get professional results for your business and Carve has been delivering award-winning logo and brand design since 2004.

Brand Strategy

Before creating an amazing logo and brand, a strategy needs to be in place to get the most out of your investment. A successful brand will have a long-term plan to achieve specific goals. A well-defined brand strategy will affect all parts of a business and its success. So what are your business goals and what are you trying to achieve with building this brand? What is your why? Once you have his nailed down, executing your brand design becomes much more focused and effective in the long run.


Your logo is important, but it’s not your brand. It is just part of it all. Depending on your business, your logo may have more importance than others. Don’t get caught up in trends and when it comes to strong logos, less is more. Just look at any brand giant. Their logos are clean, simple, and memorable and these are all the things that you will want in your logo.


Ok, you have your logo all wrapped up so now what? Well now you have to start using it in your business and building a strong brand strategy will help you get the most out of your investment. Laying solid brand ground work will help you move forward to create your brand items in a consistent and professional manner. Developing a strategy for your brand will help you make sure that your logo and its brand elements are always used the same. Having a designer show you how your brand should work overall will be critical to launching it successfully.


Do you have a product that needs to compete for shelf space? What about packaging that creates an amazing user experience? Does it have to tell a story, get attention, or represent the quality of product it contains? Well, that were an investment in great package design is going to make the difference. Don’t take this lightly. If you amazing product doesn’t get noticed, it won’t matter how great it is in the end.


Publications have been a big part of Carve’s portfolio since the beginning and continue to be a staple to this day. Many years of well-designed corporate Annual Reports, University recruitment materials and viewbooks, magazines, and brochures keep me busy on an annual basis.


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